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Our coordinator will contact you to find the best offer for you.

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Our coordinator will contact you to find the best offer for you.



  • In language learning we use various methods for learning study materials – visualisation and listening, recording of the material and interactive communication among group members.

    Our teaching system is established as a set of foreign language teaching conceptions. The key principles on which our teaching system methodology is based:

    1. Development of independent working skills. Teacher has to expand students’ horizon, to develop creative thinking (to be able to answer discussion questions, to organize group work, projection and fulfilment of the task, etc.), by developing students’ foreign language speaking skills.  
    2. Use of game elements. Fun gaming activities ensure easy knowledge building in long-term memory, stimulate activities and increase students’ interest on learning. Selected materials should be interesting.
    3. Right attitude towards students’ mistakes. Teacher has to know how to help students to find and correct their mistakes in such a way encouraging more use foreign language.
    4. Reduction of students’ anxiety. It is achieved through use of jigsaw, communication and role plays. In addition, teacher’s questions are formulated in the manner to enhance regaining inner peace for students.
    5. Joint cooperation. Teacher can involve students in group activities to allow solving the tasks in groups or pairs.
    6. Natural communication. In order to ensure learning of language in easier manner during the course of natural communication the teacher pays more attention to functioning of language, fluency and real language situation. Therefore the teacher uses various types of activities on the base of specific tasks. For example, to find similarities and differences in pictures, to find deficiencies in pictures, to fill the missing, to guess shapes, hidden in pictures, to perform commands, to play dialogues and to discuss them, to play role games, to lead simulation presentation and discussion.
    7. Rational organization of knowledge testing. Teacher organizes periodic tests for determination of general academic progress or for determination interim achievements.




Wisdom begins with wonder.


A different language is a different vision of life.


A wise man uses the time he has left.


In today's world, learning new languages is fundamental for living and working.


Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.


Wer die Menschen liebt, liebt Ihre Sprachen.


Ein Mann - ein Wort, eine Frau - ein Wörterbuch.


Deutsch ist Ihr Vorteil.


Il n'est jamais trop tard pour apprendre.


Новый язык - это новые возможности, новые возможности - это новая жизнь!


Kunnskap er framtid.


No mundo de hoje, aprender novas línguas é fundamental para viver e trabalhar.