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Swedish language course

Swedish language course in POLYGLOT school provide an opportunity to all who wish to start learning the language, develop skills in daily interactions, as well as perfect the existing knowledge of the language. Our program is built upon balanced development of basic skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing. We teach modern-day Swedish, the language that is used in daily interactions. Real-life situations are the focus of the lessons, and the listeners thus have a possibility to use their own experience and knowledge while discussing certain topical themes.

Groups (5 – 8 people) are formed according to two levels of language proficiency and desired direction of learning:


Schedule and duration of lessons:
You can choose the time for your lessons (in the mornings, in the afternoons or in the evenings), as well as intensity depending on the loading level of your work schedule.
Lessons take place 2 times per week for 2 academic hours per lesson or 3 times per week for 2 academic hours per lesson.
Having missed a lesson in your group, you are given a possibility to receive individual consultations with the methodologists of the centre at any time suitable for you.
The flexible schedule of lessons will allow you to work in an effective way, plan your leisure time, as well as make the process of your learning the language continuing.

Effectiveness of training and quality control:
We carry out serious quality control of the educational process in the following two directions: evaluation of the dynamics of the training and professionalism of teachers (by means of the questionnaires that are handed out to students both in mid-term and upon the completion of the course, as well as work of the methodologist and psychologist).

Effectiveness of training is evaluated by means of a three-level system of testing: the test for determining the beginner level, the intermediate test halfway along the course, as well as the final test upon the completion of the course.

We pay special attention to quality; this is why lessons are provided by professional teachers, up-to-date textbooks are used during lessons, literature and aids with audio supplements. The general program of the Swedish language is meant for simultaneous development of all language skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening comprehension.

Your success – is our success! This is our key rule!