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First level

The given course is meant for students who have either not studied the Russian language in-depth or who have already acquired the basic level. The program of the course is meant for senior schoolchildren and adults who need the Russian language for everyday interactions and travelling.

Upon the completion of the Russian language course of the First level students will be able to:

  • Read not very big texts taken from newspapers, magazines, books; comprehend general content of what has been read, separate details, conclusions, as well as evaluations of the author;
  • Write a text using 20 sentences on one of the offered topics: about oneself, one’s family, studies, learning a foreign language, working day, spare time and leisure, native town or city, health, weather; state, and present the gist of the text either read or listened to on the offered topic;
  • Comprehend short dialogues and extract factual information (theme, time, attitude, characteristics of objects, goals, causes and reasons); comprehend expanded or detailed dialogues and express one’s own opinion concerning the statements and actions of those who speak; comprehend sounding announcements, news, as well as information of socio-cultural character;
  • Participate in dialogues in a rather wide range of situations of everyday communication; initiate, sustain and conclude dialogues; carry out conversations on a number of different topics (about oneself, one’s work, profession, interests, about country, town or city, issues related to culture, and many others); formulate one’s own statement on the basis of the text that has been read, the text of socio-cultural character;
  • Implement grammatical and lexical skills of formulating statements in accordance with one’s intentions which come into being in common situations of standard type.


Grammatical material:

  • Sentence case system
  • Basic verb forms
  • Basic syntactical structures
  • Verb tense system
  • Action verbs
  • Main structural elements of simple and complex sentences