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Basic level (Elementary) (А1)

Russian for foreigners - course for Beginners!

The given course is meant for students, who have never studied the Russian language before.

The program of the course is meant for schoolchildren and adults who need to obtain basic knowledge of the Russian language.

 Length of courses

 Price for one course

 Price for friends


1-week courses




2 people – 176EUR for each

3 people – 154EUR for each

4 people – 132EUR for each

5 people – 110EUR for each


2-week courses




2 people – 344EUR for each

3 people – 301EUR for each

4 people – 258EUR for each

5 people – 215EUR for each


4-week courses




2 people – 656EUR for each

3 people – 574EUR for each

4 people – 492EUR for each

5 people – 410EUR for each


Upon the completion of the basic level Russian language course students will learn how:

  • to read short simple texts, taken from a number of different sources (names of magazines and newspapers, notices, inscriptions, signs, advertisements and announcements, and others); understand basic and additional information of adapted texts of cross-cultural, informative and publicistic, as well as social character;
  • to write a short letter, note, congratulation note, and others; state and present the gist of the source text with the prime focus being on questions;
  • to comprehend central pieces of information (theme, pointing to place, time, cause and reason, and so on), which are provided in separate dialogues and monologues of social and socio-cultural character;
  • to initiate a dialogue in common situations of standard type; sustain a conversation about oneself, friend, family, studies, work, learning a foreign language, working day, spare time and leisure, native town or city, health, weather, as well as form one’s own statement on the basis of the text that has been read;
  • to use grammatical and lexical skills of formulating statements about one’s intentions in a limited range of situations.


Grammatical material:

  • Sentence case system
  • Basic verb forms
  • Basic syntactical structures