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Second level (В1) – Livello intermedio

The given course is meant for students, who have some preliminary knowledge to proceed with the dialogues, to find out the details of interest, to describe the details.
The second level is meant for the tourists and people who want to buy real estate in Italia and other Italian speaking countries, and for everybody who wants to use Italian on daily basis.

Upon the completion of the second level course of the Italian language learners will be able to:

  • read different publicistic and fictional texts of descriptive and narrative character with elements of reasoning, as well as mixed types of texts with a clearly stated evaluation of the author;
  • write plans, theses, summaries on the basis of what has been heard or read;
  • produce one’s own informative texts in writing in the form of a personal or official business letter, as well as texts of business character (applications, requests, explanatory notes, and others);
  • understand dialogues related to everyday topics with a clearly expressed attitude of those who speak; radio news, announcements of advertising character; dialogues taken from motion pictures and television shows with clearly expressed character of interpersonal relationships;
  • sustain dialogues, realizing the cues of voice communication presented beforehand; initiate a dialogue-questioning;
  • describe what you see, express one’s own opinions and give evaluation to what you see; analyze problems in the situation of free conversation;
  • adequately perceive and implement lexical and grammatical means of the language, provide with correct language style of statements;