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Third Level - Grundstufe 3

The given course is meant for students, who have some preliminary knowledge of the German language. The program of the given course will teach students to communicate in the German language deeper, both in grammar and communication skills.

Upon the completion of the third level course of the German language learners will be able to:

  • freely understand and adequately interpret those texts which refer to socio-cultural and business official communication spheres, as well as ability to read Latvian fiction. Moreover, it is assumed that socio-cultural texts shall contain a decent amount of known information. Business official texts suggest normative – legislative acts and official announcements;
  • write a summary of problematic character, report, formal / informal letter, announcement on the basis of what has been heard or read, thus demonstrating ability to analyze and evaluate the presented information; be able to write one’s own free text of problematic character (article, essay, letter);
  • freely sustain a dialogue, implementing a number of language means in order to realize different aims and tactics of voice communication; initiate a dialogue – conversation, which suggest finding a solution to a conflict situation in the process of communication; build a monologue – reasoning on moral and ethical themes;
  • defend and provide arguments for one’s own opinion and standpoint in the situation of free conversation; easily demonstrate their knowledge of the language system, expressed in their skills in implementation of language units and structural relations, which are necessary for understanding and formulating separate statements, as well as those statements that are parts of authentic texts or their fragments.