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First Level - Grundstufe 1

The given course is meant for students, who have never studied the German language before. The program of the course is for schoolchildren and adults who need the German language for their daily interactions and travelling.

Upon the completion of the first level course of the German language learners will be able to:

  • read short texts from newspapers, magazines, books;
  • comprehend the general idea and content of what has been read, separate nuances, conclusions and evaluations provided by the author;
  • understand short dialogues and extract factual information (topic, time, relationship, characteristics of objects, goals, reasons); understand expanded dialogues and express one’s own opinion and attitude towards the statements and actions of those who speak; understand spoken announcements, news, information of socio-cultural character;
  • participate in dialogues of daily interaction, begin, sustain and conclude dialogues; have a conversation on various topics (about myself, about work, profession, interests, about the country, city, cultural issues, and so on); formulate your own statement on the basis of a read text of socio-cultural character;
  • implement grammatical and lexical skills of formulating statements.