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The given course is meant for those students who have studied the English language before and who have thus reached the Intermediate level.
The duration of the course of the English language, level Upper-Intermediate — 120 academic hours.

Upon the completion of the Upper-Intermediate level course of the English language learners will be able to:

  • Confidently express their opinions and standpoints, express agreement and disagreement
  • Freely talk about music, media, humour, medicine, science, history, fashion, crimes and punishments, meaning of names, national stereotypes, and others
  • Use expressions with the word ‘time’
  • Use set expressions of the English language
  • Write dialogues, stories, compositions in the English language.

Grammatical material:

  • Present perfect (simple and continuous)
  • Past perfect continuous
  • Passive (all forms)
  • Future perfect and future perfect continuous
  • Conditionals and future time clauses
  • Gerunds and infinitives
  • Auxiliary verbs
  • Using adjectives as nouns, adjective order
  • Narrative tenses
  • Adverbs and adverbial phrases, confusing verbs and adverbial phrases
  • Unreal conditionals
  • Past modals
  • Relative clauses, prefixes
  • Uncountable and plural nouns
  • Articles
  • the… the…+ comparatives
  • so / such… that
  • likely and probably
  • would rather, had better
  • as
  • have something done
  • whatever, whenever, etc.