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The given course is meant for students who have preliminary knowledge of the English language. The program of the present course will enable students to communicate in English on most common and widespread topics, as well as sustain dialogues.
The duration of the course of the English language, level Pre-Intermediate — 120 academic hours.

Upon the completion of the Pre-Intermediate level course of the English language learners will be able to:

  • Talk about holidays and celebrations in the English language
  • Have a conversation on studies and learning
  • Get to know the required information
  • Make telephone calls, call the reception, buy tickets
  • Go through a passport check-point, orient oneself with the help of signposts at airports
  • Order food and medicine in the English language
  • Talk about animals
  • Discuss clothes and know parts of body.

Grammatical material:

  • Present simple
  • Present continuous
  • Past  continuous
  • Present perfect
  • Past simple
  • Past perfect
  • So, because, but, although
  • Will/won’t (predictions, promises, offers, decisions)
  • Comparatives, as…as/les…than…
  • Superlatives (+ ever + present perfect)
  • get
  • Have to, don’t have to, must, mustn’t
  • First conditional, second conditional
  • May/might (possibility), should/shouldn’t.