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Business - Intermediate

The given educational programs are meant for professionals of multiple types, who would actively use the English language in their professional activities. Business English course for the most part focuses on written English. In addition, serious attention is paid to acquisition of business vocabulary, drilling specific vocabulary, discussions and negotiations, which would imitate real-life situations – presentations, negotiations, exhibitions, and so on. These educational programs will suit both directors and medium-level managers.
The duration of the course of the English language, level Business Intermediate — 120 academic hours.

Upon the completion of the course learners will learn how to:

  • use different approaches to reading texts (scamper, searching for required information, in-depth reading, and other)
  • extract meaning of unknown words from context
  • distinguish between different text styles
  • write articles in English, official and nonofficial letters, instructions, texts for booklets, reviews of films and books
  • ask for information, as well as listen to and answer questions, adjusting oneself to conditions of conversations
  • actively participate in discussions and debates on different topics
  • confidently conduct telephone conversations
  • use proverbs and phraseological units of the English language
  • use intonation in order to transfer the meaning in a more exact way
  • use sentences of different structures in speech.