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The given course is meant for adult students who have studied the English language before and who have thus reached the Upper-Intermediate level.
The duration of the course of the English language, level Advanced — 120 academic hours.

Upon the completion of the course learners will learn how to:

  • use different approaches to reading texts (scamper, searching for required information, in-depth reading, and other)
  • extract meaning of unknown words from context
  • distinguish between different text styles
  • write articles in English, official and nonofficial letters, instructions, texts for booklets, reviews of films and books
  • ask for information, as well as listen to and answer questions, adjusting oneself to conditions of conversations
  • actively participate in discussions and debates on different topics
  • confidently conduct telephone conversations
  • use proverbs and phraseological units of the English language
  • use intonation in order to transfer the meaning in a more exact way
  • use sentences of different structures in speech.

Grammatical material:

  • Word order in complex sentences
  • Constructions there could be/would be/should be
  • Conditional sentences
  • Intensifying constructions
  • Zero article
  • Connotative and emotive meanings of adjectives
  • Adjective order in a sentence
  • Inversion
  • Future/Future in the Past
  • Polysemous prefixes
  • Reflexive pronouns
  • Punctuation.