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Marketing and Quality management

The given courses mainly focus on what the employee can introduce in the production, the latter being the production delivered by his company to its customers, in other words, how the manager can provide with enhancing the quality and value of the present production.

Marketing training is carried out by means of acquisition of the concepts of marketing, starting with customers: who the latter are, how they behave themselves, how important it is to analyse, comprehend and satisfy their needs and demands, as well as fight for the loyalty of customers.

Upon the completion of the given course you will acquire knowledge and skills about:

  • Ways to enhance the value of the production at each and every work stage;
  • Problems with quality, and how to fight those;
  • How to enhance the quality of the services offered;
  • Competitive re-launch;
  • New ways and methods implemented in order to create efficient systems for contact with customers;
  • Professional planning for marketing events and venues;
  • Efficiency of advertising campaigns.


The group comprises 6-10 students.