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Business etiquette

Very frequently we ask ourselves a question why in this contemporary and free world we still need business etiquette, but it is very likely that once you have also found yourself in a situation when you felt that it is essential to know and implement some knowledge and skills of business etiquette.
Freely making use of the language of business etiquette would be your greatest advantage.

We know that the impression of a person, as well as of the company in which he or she works, is very often formed during the very first minutes of communication. The given training course focuses on how to comprehend business etiquette, as well as learn how to implement the latter for not only your own benefit, but also for the benefit of your whole company.

The programme of the course comprises the following topics: visual appearance and company, professionalism and working with clients and partners during meetings or while carrying out telephone calls, rules and standards when meeting a client, proper execution of business correspondence, main principles of selection of proper gifts, as well as presentation of those to your business partner, client; characteristics of gifts.

Upon the completion of the given course you will become a professional, as well you will be able to:

  • Know how to carry out a telephone conversation in a much more efficient way;
  • Acquire practical skills and knowledge of how to behave properly and duly in complex situations;
  • Know how to create a positive image of yourself, as well as your organization;
  • Be able to use information via telephone or during a face-to-face meeting intelligently and properly;
  • Be able to compose and prepare a business letter properly and duly;
  • Be able to respond to letters and requests properly and timely;
  • Acquire knowledge about special features or characteristics of business correspondence depending on a situation.


The group comprises 6-10 students.