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«Transform yourself» (make-up)

This is a special course for women who would like to learn how to pick the right make-up for themselves, as well as how to single-handedly make themselves up.

The participators of the given course will bring their make-up bags to the lessons, and thus with the help of professional makeup artists will discuss the ways they could implement the available cosmetics and beauty aids in the right way, as well as they will be given some advice on how to select the necessary means for adequate skin care and putting on make-up. In the course of the given training, each participator will be presented with an individual consultation.

Upon the completion of the course, you will learn how to look after your face skin in the right way, as well as fully comprehend the differences between day and night make-up, how to put it on correctly, the make-up you will find suitable exactly for you.

The group comprises 5-6 gorgeous ladies.