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Our coordinator will contact you to find the best offer for you.


Individual tutoring would be the most optimum form of studies provided that:

  • You do not have opportunity to attend group lessons due to your busy and arduous work schedule,
  • It is necessary for you to acquire the language on a tight schedule,
  • It would be more convenient and effectual for you to additionally work on those language aspects which you find particularly challenging and difficult. 

The main principles of the lessons:

  • The approach which is built upon balanced development of basic skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing;
  • Taking into consideration the student’s psychological characteristics and peculiarities (perception, attention, memory, reasoning);
  • Well-minded and efficient selection of language and speech material taking into consideration the needs of the particular student;
  • Flexible curriculum.

The main advantage of the individual tutoring is by all means a flexible schedule of lessons. You can choose your own time for your lessons of the English language (in the mornings, in the afternoons, or in the evenings) depending on the loading level of your work schedule. The flexible schedule of lessons will allow you to work in an effective way, plan your leisure time, as well as make the process of your learning the language continuing. The intensity of lessons, as well as the duration of the whole course will depend on your level of knowledge of the language, the time you have, as well as the goals desired. The intensity that is recommended is 2 or 3 times per week for 2 academic hour