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polyglot_anglu_valodas_kursi.jpgThe training centre POLYGLOT is glad to offer you corporate learning of the English language either in the office of your company or in our classrooms located at the following address:  Raina bulvaris 1, 1st floor, Riga.
The learning is carried out in stages:

Free of charge knowledge testing of the employees of the company, which determines the level of their knowledge of the language. The level of knowledge of the language is determined taking into consideration the following language aspects: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar and language use, as well as speaking.

Integrated programme of development of the personnel in the sphere of foreign language learning. POLYGLOT manager provides with the report on language diagnostics of the employees of your company, as well as prepares a programme of development of the personnel in the sphere of foreign language learning.

Formation of learning groups.
Learning groups shall be formed according to the results of the language diagnostics of the employees.

Training quality monitoring: intermediate and final testing, oral examination.
The progress of each student of the group is to be regularly surveyed. Besides the present monitoring in the middle and the end of the course, two test points are to be conducted, which shall evaluate the development of communication skills, listening comprehension of the English language, as well as reading and writing.

Regular reports presented to the management of the company concerning the attendance of the lessons, as well as results on progress of the training of the employees.

During the course, the manager of POLYGLOT provides with reports on attendance of the lessons, as well as achievements and accomplishments of the students; upon the completion of the training course – prepares recommendations concerning further development of language skills of each of the given employees.
Range of Programmes
General English
The course is meant for those people who wish they could travel comfortably around the world, read books and watch films in the English language, as well as actively communicate in this language.
Levels: Elementary - Intermediate

Business English
The course is meant to develop and enhance communication skills in business contexts in both spoken and written form; it presents with basics of business correspondence and telephone calls, as well as helps carry out negotiations and presentations in the English language successfully.
Levels: Beginner – Intermediate

English for Specific Purposes
The programmes of “Professional English” or “English for Specific Purposes”, the language centre “BRITANNIA” – unique courses “key ready”, which take into consideration the goals of the company, i.e. the customer. They help in using the English language effectively in professional work of the company (banking operations, information technologies, hotel business, and many others).
For the moment, our methodological unit has composed such training programmes as “English for bank employees” that focuses on the specifics of work with currency guarantee facilities; “English for professionals in the sphere of information technologies” focusing on the realization of the interaction between companies and clients in the foreign market of IT industry, as well as programmes that prepare professionals for their participation in the international projects.
Levels: Beginner - Intermediate